How to avoid motorcycle theft


How to avoid motorcycle theft

Recently, in Phuket, a popular tourist destination in Thailand, cases of motorcycle theft have become more frequent. Over the past month, more than 20 cases have been reported, which raises the question of how to protect the motorcycle from theft. This article describes some of the ways you can protect your valuable vehicle from loss.

1. Steering wheel lock: a simple and effective way to protect.
The easiest way to protect a moped is to lock the steering wheel. This method requires minimal effort, but allows you to significantly increase the level of bike safety. When the steering wheel is locked, the motorbike becomes almost immobile, which makes it less attractive to potential thieves.

2. Wheel locks: extra security for your peace of mind.
  However, locking the steering wheel is not always enough. Additional safety measures such as wheel locks are important here. Many rental companies, including ours, equip all scooters with wheel locks. These locks allow you to safely park your motorbike in less crowded areas, such as wild beaches.

How to fix the steering wheel lock?

To properly secure the steering lock, follow these steps:
A. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left.
B. Insert the key and turn it to the lock position to lock the steering wheel in the current position.
B. Make sure the handlebar lock is securely latching the handlebar and turn the handlebar in both directions to make sure the handlebar is locked in place. For motorcycles with keyless entry, the strategy is the same, but instead of a key, you need to turn the switch button.

Prevention of motorcycle theft in Phuket includes not only technical protection, but also an understanding of the local culture. Thais generally don't risk stealing a motorcycle that isn't easy prey. This means leaving the motorcycle key inside and not locking the steering wheel can be an attractive opportunity for would-be thieves.
Remember that cultural level plays an important role in protecting your property. Taking simple safety precautions, such as locking the steering wheel and using wheel locks, can let potential thieves know that your motorcycle is not as vulnerable as it seems. To make your holiday in Thailand unforgettable and relaxing, follow the tips and tricks and be vigilant.
Always remember the safety measures and follow the recommendations of the rental company to ensure the safety of your vehicle.