To rent a scooter, you need to present a passport with a valid visa or stamp, we will only make a copy, the passport will remain with you. To ride a bike in Thailand, you need an International Driving Permit category “A” and a national driving licence of the established form. In case of their absence, when stopped by traffic police, you will have to pay a fine of 500-1000 baht.Also, it is important to have insurance with the option “Active rest” in case of an emergency on the road. Yes, all our bikes have compulsory insurance covering your health up to 50,000 baht, but medicine in Thailand is expensive and it is better not to neglect additional insurance package

Be sure to take a photo or video of the bike before starting the rental. We do not rent broken or heavily scratched bikes, and you must verify this in the presence of a company employee. We recommend that you make a trial test ride of the motorbike you like and, in which case, ask a company employee to adjust the mirrors and brakes for you.

In order for the bike to bring you only joy and cheerfully pull uphill on Phuket and beyond, we recommend refuelling only at large network gas stations and only 95th gasoline. There are situations when gasoline is running out, and there are still a few kilometres left before refuelling. In this case, along the road in small shops, you can find bottled gasoline - red one is the same 95th gasoline for your moped. After pouring a bottle of such fuel, feel free to go to the nearest gas station to refuel your horse to the full!

It's no secret that Thailand is a very diverse country, so the amount of the fine may vary depending on the region. On Phuket, the fine for not having an International Driving Permit category “A” is 500-1000 baht, for riding without a helmet, the traffic police officer will also charge you 500-1000 baht. Parking in an area of prohibitory markings or signs threatens with a fine of 500 baht and blocking the bike with a chain until you pay the fine at the nearest police station. Passing the red traffic light, leaving the stop line, waiting for a proper signal, or riding in the oncoming lane carries a fine of 1000-2000 baht. The most serious liability is for riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs - from 10,000 baht and / or imprisonment for up to 3 months. Please refrain from riding a motorbike and use a taxi service. Take care of yourself and do not endanger the life and health of others!

As you have already noticed, traffic in Thailand in general, and on Phuket in particular, is left-handed. But do not worry about this - you will never be alone on the road, just follow the flow and you will not have any problems about this. When it rains, reduce your speed as much as possible, especially on steep passes and when cornering. Try to avoid sharp manoeuvres, emergency braking and dynamic acceleration. Gradually slow down BEFORE the turn and pass it slowly on even gas. When riding at night, carefully look at the road so as not to fall into a hole or knock down a stray dog. When parking, ALWAYS turn off the ignition and lock the steering wheel all the way to the left to avoid battery problems and theft of your scooter. When crossing intersections, remember - even if the traffic light is green, still look around and make sure that no reckless driver is trying to slip through the red one. Do not be distracted by the navigator while riding, first you need to plot a route and be extremely careful when riding a motorbike

All our motorbikes have compulsory insurance covering up to 50,000 baht when contacting a hospital in case of an accident. Bikes are not insured against theft and accidents, therefore, the tenant is responsible for the safety and integrity of the motorbike entrusted to you. In case of damage to the scooter, puncture of the wheel, dead battery (if you did not turn off the ignition and left the bike in the parking lot), immersion in water or other malfunctions due to the fault of the tenant or third parties, you are obliged to compensate the damage in full! You can find out the cost of repairs from an employee of our company. We, in turn, guarantee the replacement of a motorbike with a similar one after full payment for the cost of work and spare parts, as well as in the event of a technical malfunction through no fault of the tenant.

Yes. All of our bikes have compulsory insurance with a coverage of 30,000 baht when contacting the hospital. Bikes are not insured against accidents and theft. In the event of an accident or theft, damage compensation will be made by your expense.